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Coatlicue - Soft Enamel Pin

Pin measures 2.25” tall (LARGE PIN)
2 pin posts with rubber clutches

Coatlicue, among the major Aztec gods and goddesses, was also mythically regarded as the feminine entity that gave birth to the stars, moon, and Huitzilopochtli (the patron god of sun and war). These narratives place her as the supreme matronly goddess of the Aztec mythology who nourishes through her feminine abilities (as opposed to the abstruse nature of double gender presented by Ometecuhtli, the primordial entity among the Aztec gods).

Coatlicue was represented with her skirt made of writhing, interwoven snakes (possibly alluding to fertility), and drooping breasts (that suggested her pregnant state). On the symbolic level, she was also seen as the embodiment of earth – however, with dual characteristics – that of a loving, nourishing mother and of an insatiable force that required the lifeblood of its hosts.