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Xochiquetzal - Soft Enamel Pin

Pin measures 2.25” tall by 2.25 wide (Approximately)

2 pin posts with rubber clutches.

Xochiquetzal - (pronounced Show-chee-ket-zal)

Precious Feather Flower
The name ‘Xochiquetzal’ may be translated to mean ‘Precious Feather Flower’, and this goddess was known as Ichpochtli, which means ‘maiden’. The Aztecs believed that Xochiquetzal’s domain was love, beauty, and pleasure, and that she was the patroness of lovers and prostitutes, as well as artisans, including artists, silversmiths, and weavers. Xochiquetzal’s association with flowers is evident in her iconography, in which the goddess is commonly presented as holding a bouquet of flowers. Alternatively, she is shown with weaving tools in her hand, which attests to her authority over the household arts.

Unlike several other figures in the complex of Aztec female earth deities connected with agricultural and sexual fecundity, Xochiquetzal is always depicted as an alluring and youthful woman, richly attired and symbolically associated with vegetation and in particular flowers.
By connotation, Xochiquetzal is also representative of human desire, pleasure, and excess, appearing also as patroness of artisans involved in the manufacture of luxury items.
Worshipers wore animal and flower masks at a festival, held in her honor every eight years. Her husband was Tlaloc until Tezcatlipoca kidnapped her and she was forced to marry him. At one point, she was also married to Centeotl and Xiuhtecuhtli.